Veteran’s Memorial at the Craighead County Courthouse honors veterans, families

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Memorial Day is more than just a dayto barbecue and spending a weekend out on the lake. It is a day of remembrance.

The Veteran's Memorial at the Craighead County Courthouse washonored by veterans and their families Monday morning. The annual event salutesveterans who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

Wreaths were placed at the monuments and the courthouse flagwas lowered to half-staff.

Danny Honnoll spoke at the ceremony, reminding us that thosewho are gone still need to have their stories told.

"You veterans are a witness to your friendsthat aren't able to be here. Many of you are combat veterans and have lostfriends in combat. You bear the scars. You are the ones to bear witness to thestory," he said.

Memorial Day was initially called DecorationDay and started after the Civil War. It was changed later in the 20thcentury as a day to remember all service members who have fallen in war andpeace.

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