Man arrested after ramming into patrol car

FULTON COUNTY, AR (KAIT) – A Fulton county man has been arrested after ramming his vehicle into a Fulton County Sheriff's Department patrol car.

According to a press release from Fulton County Sheriff Kenneth "Buck" Foley, on May 29th Fulton County Deputy Derick Franks arrived at Pleasant Valley Road for a welfare check of Charles Guthrie.

Franks noticed Guthrie pulled into a private drive and followed behind him.

Foley says when Guthrie exited his truck and pointed a gun at Deputy Franks. Franks then puts his patrol car in reverse and backed onto Pleasant Valley Road away from Guthrie.

As Franks began to exit his vehicle to confront Guthrie, Foley says Guthrie backed his truck towards the deputy.

Franks then moved his vehicle to the intersection of Pleasant Valley Road and North Camp Creek Road.

Before the deputy could exit his vehicle, Foley says Guthrie rammed the driver's side of Franks' patrol car. Guthrie then backed his truck up and rammed into the patrol car two more times before pinning Deputy Franks in his vehicle and causing the deputy head injuries.

Guthrie's adult son was on the scene of the incident and physically disabled and restrained his father, while Franks exited his vehicle. Franks then arrested Guthrie.

On May 30th, Guthrie admitted to pointing a gun at the deputy and ramming his truck into the side of the deputy's patrol car at least twice.

Foley says the incident destroyed the patrol car and items inside of it. Foley estimates that there is between $5,000.00 and $25,000.00 worth of damage.

Deputy Franks received five staples to the left side of his head and medical treatment for a cut on the right side of his head.

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