Mayoral Candidates Talk Issues

May 14, 2004 -- Posted at 5:30 p.m.

JONESBORO - Four candidates opened up the Jonesboro election season with a mayoral forum hosted by the Jonesboro Chamber of Commerce. The event was the first to let each of the announced candidates state their cases together in a public forum. The crowd included invited Chamber of Commerce members who have taken part in area leadership programs.

The candidates, Doug Formon, Travis Moore, Dan Pierce, and Kevin Rhodes, were each given three minutes to tell the small audience their platform. Dan Pierce drew first and focused on what he calls his 'CORE' plan for Jonesboro's future. Kevin Rhodes followed and centered on defining how he could help lead Jonesboro into the future. Doug Formon focused on his past service to the city of Jonesboro and his qualifications. Travis Moore's name was drawn last, he discussed Jonesboro being in his words the "number one city to live in and raise a family," adding that he would push this message to the rest of the state if elected.

After each candidate used their three minutes, a brief question and answer session followed. The first question asked was what is the mayor's current salary, Formon was asked first and was the only one to get the answer correct. The answer was $85,000/year plus benefits. Each candidate also was asked his stand on the wet/dry issue for the county. Response seemed similar for each candidate with each one leaning to letting county voters decide the issue.

The mayoral election will be held in November. A run-off is possible if no one receives a clear majority of the votes.