Ark. Lottery Commission denies allegation in suit

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) - The Arkansas Lottery Commission denies accusations that it sold tickets that have a high risk of potential tampering or contain a design defect.
Assistant Attorney General Mark Ohrenberger also disputed in court papers Friday that the commission can be sued.
The filing is in response to a lawsuit by Rep. John Walker on behalf of his client, Richard Tomboli.
The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette ( reported Saturday that Tomboli bought two $20 Arkansas Millionaires Club tickets at a Little Rock store and noticed both tickets had been tampered with.
Tomboli claims the commission's security chief told him the tickets had a manufacturing defect but the commission didn't want to remove them because it would lose money.
The commission states Lance Huey spoke with Tomboli, but official deny the accuracy of his accounts.
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