Disabled American Veterans Receive a Helping Hand

May 17, 2004--Posted at 6:10 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO--The Disabled American Veterans Mobile Service made a stop in Jonesboro.

With benefits and services for disabled veterans changing from year to year, veterans say services like this explain veteran's rights and what they are entitled to.

This van is furnished by the Disabled American Veterans.

This is a mobile unit manned with two national service officers who can answer questions, and file claims concerning services offered by the V.A.

"It's like an outreach program to get us out into the community so that the people who are unable to get to Little Rock, to our offices, can make themselves available to our services,"said DAV advisor Tom Smith.

One veteran's records were lost in a fire and now he is looking to the mobile service for answers.

James Robinson said,"I'm trying to get a copy of my records....my military records. They don't have a file on it. I want military help.

While most veterans feel like the Bush administration is doing all they can, veterans say there is room for improvement.

"It takes money to operate it....the war is not over when the shooting stops, said veteran Cecil Stevenson.

Veteran Barney Petty said,"A lot of veterans don't have money to buy medicine with, and if the VA could give that back to us that would be great.

"We advocate a mandatory budget so that it's not discretionary spending, said Smith.

The veterans say sometimes they feel lost in a crowd.

With this mobile service, veterans get one on one time with qualified advisors.

"We can give them first hand information rather than over the phone where it is really difficult,"said Smith.

Veterans and their families are encouraged to seek free advice from this mobile service if they have any questions or concerns.