Downtown Jonesboro businesses revved up for biker classic

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Main Street in downtown Jonesboro may be closed to vehicles for the weekend but that's a good thing for local businesses.

"We love to see the people walking up and down the streets," business owner Lisa Godsey said. "It does not affect our business in a negative way and in fact it helps it in a positive way." 
Godsey owns Godsey's Grill on Main Street in Jonesboro. She said when events like this close the road off to drivers, it gives Main Street a more "downtown" feel.
"They're walking by, they're not driving by and it just makes it a lot easier for them to get in and out of the shops," she said.
Godsey said she and other local businesses in downtown Jonesboro reap the benefits from events like this.
"As far as I know, they're all packed and doing great business and running features and specials and so we all enjoy it," Godsey said.
But it's not just the local businesses that see the good, as all the money raised through the event goes to DARE programs across Region 8.
"It's helping downtown just as much as it is what we do at the police department," DARE officer Kevin Foust said.
Foust told Region 8 News that this is the 8th year for the event. It's also their biggest fundraiser for DARE throughout the year.
"We've got vendors, we've got a bike show, we've got a small, local poker run tonight and of course the large charity ride that will take off in the morning," Foust said. 
Those events are all things that bring more foot traffic into the downtown area. Godsey said she thinks these kind of events should happen more often, as it really boosts the local economy.
"Maybe once a month or something close the streets down for a Friday and Saturday and have different events going on down here," Godsey said.
The DARE to Ride Biker Classic wraps up on Saturday, June 9. 
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