Chad Green Takes the Stand Against his Father

May 17, 2004 -- Posted 7:30 CDT

Pocahontas, AR --The capital murder trial of Billy Green continues in Randolph County.

On the third day of testimony, 12 witnesses were called to the stand including the state's key witness Chad Green, son of Billy Green. Chad Green earlier accepted a plea bargain for a lesser sentence, in exchange for testimony against his father.

Billy Green exited the courthouse with little to say after his son Chad revealed powerful details on the witness stand.

Chad testified that on the night of the murders back in the summer of 1998, he was told by his father Billy to call him if Carl Elliott showed up at his house. Chad says that phone call was later made.

According to Chad, the 2 of them made their way to Dalton where the Elliotts lived. Chad said Billy told him to go to the Elliott's to ask Carl to help him out with his car.

Later when Chad and Carl arrived at a bridge where Billy was waiting, Chad said his father beat-up Carl and shot him twice.

Chad also testified that he and his father went back to the Elliott home in Dalton, where he saw Billy beat-up Lisa Elliott. Chad said he tried to stop him.

As for the young Felicia Elliott, Chad testified his father taped her up, and stuck her in a trash can.

Chad said he heard Felicia say, "please don't hurt me."

Chad also testified that he was later instructed by his father to burn the blanket and tape that Felicia was wrapped in, and to hide the gun.

When asked by the prosecution why he never ran away, Chad said he was scared of his father.

Chad Green is expected to be cross-examined on Tuesday morning.