Owen celebrates No Mo' Chemo with family and friends

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - It's been two and a half years of ups and downs for the Church family, as their son, Owen, has been battling acute lymphoblastic leukemia, or cancer of the blood. Sunday, however, the family was all smiles. Owen explained to Region 8 News what the big day was all about.
"We're celebrating my last day of treatment," Owen said.
Since November of 2009, Owen has been taking chemotherapy treatments at St. Jude Hospital. 
"He's had to go through a lot," Owen's dad, Brian said. "A lot of treatment, going over there once a week, taking a lot of pills, chemotherapy and things like that."
Owen's mom Kelly told Region 8 News what it was like hearing the news two and a half years ago.
"It was definitely a shock to find out that your child has cancer. You never think you're going to hear those words said in your life and so yeah, you go from despair to hope," Kelly said.
On Sunday though, hope turned into celebration at Owen's "No Mo' Chemo" party at the Fellowship Bible Church in Jonesboro.
Friends and family joined in the celebration with a bouncy house and a magic show for the kids. Kelly said they had some of Owen's favorite things there as well.
"He did pick out all of his favorite snacks, we have all those set out and of course just his friends. The people that have supported him all this time."
People who have supported him through a two and a half year journey that was displayed through a timeline of pictures on the wall.
"From just a week before he was diagnosed, he actually had leukemia and we didn't even know about it," Kelly said.
And went on to cover his time spent in the hospital.
"So there have been ups and downs. There've been days where he gets up, plays soccer and baseball and other days where he lays in bed all day 'cause he's sick," she said.
The timeline finished up with a phone call Owen made to his daddy to tell him that he was coming home. Brian says right now, things are looking good.
"He's healthy and happy now...and he has a good prognosis," Brian said.
Owen celebrated that prognosis the best way he knew how...on the bouncy house.
Owen told Region 8 News that he's excited to go home and spend time with his siblings, his dog and his goldfish.
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