Sons, Daughter Testify Against Dad in Randolph Murder Trial

MAY 18, 2004 - Posted 7:14 a.m. CDT

POCAHONTAS, AR - Accused murderer Billy Dale Green saw his four children testify against him in his capital murder trial yesterday.

The 49-year-old Warm Springs resident is charged in the 1998 murders of Carl Allen Elliott, his wife Lisa Elliott and their seven and eight-year-old children, Gregory & Felicia.

Charles "Chad" Green was originally arrested on murder and kidnapping charges like his father, but pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and kidnapping in exchange for his testimony yesterday.  He said his father was high on methamphetamine when he shot Allen Elliott, beat Lisa Elliott and Gregory and kidnapped Felicia.

Chad Green said he and his father smoked a trough of crystal meth and drove to the Elliott home on July 29, 1998, and pretended to have car trouble.  Chad Green described how Lisa Elliott fixed him a glass of tea as Allen Elliott got dressed to help with the Greens' car.

Chad said his father beat Allen Elliott as soon as he got out of his car to help, pulled out a gun and began shooting.  He then enlisted his son to drive them back to the Elliott home to beat the wife and son with a metal bar and kidnap the daughter.

The younger Green then said his father wrapped Felicia up in a blanket, later tied her up and threw her in a garbage can overnight.  The next day Billy and Chad Green drove the girl to the woods and left her there to die, Chad said.

A younger son, Jason Green, was also originally charged with murder but that charge was reduced to misdemeanor hindering apprehension.   He testified yesterday that his father instructed him to say the Green family was all home together the night of the murders.

Two other Green offspring, Josh and Amber, and their cousin, James, also testified about Billy Green's abusive nature.

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