Group gathering signatures to recall Trumann mayor

Mayor Sheila Walters
Mayor Sheila Walters

TRUMANN, AR (KAIT) – The mayor of Truman is defending her actions as some residents of the town try to vote her out of office.

Mayor Sheila Walters says a group of residents, spearheaded by the mother of former detective Erik Wilbanks, is trying to gather signatures for a recall.

Walters says the effort is underway partially because of the city's decision to fire Wilbanks for his role in former police chief Tony Rusher's ousting. She also says the group is trying to recall her for the city's tree limb removal and garbage pickup, which she says, is a problem in all northeast Arkansas cities.

The group must get 25% of the 2010 voters to sign the petition before a special election to recall the mayor.

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