Neighbors hold memorial for victims of violence

BLYTHEVILLE, AR (KAIT) – As violence has escalated in Blytheville, neighbors have found ways to engage the community and try to cut down on crime.

The latest effort included a memorial for every local victim of violence. Members of the "Stop the Violence" group gathered at a local church to commemorate the lives lost Saturday.

Neighbors convened for the memorial at God's Holy Temple Church in Blytheville, as someone read the names of people who have died violently in the past few years. A discussion also commenced about how to curb crime in the city, which included a presentation from local law enforcement.

Bishop Randy Crenshaw says the event is a sobering reminder that should motivate more to stand up and seek change.

"Truly, I don't have all the answers to the question. I need help in this area and what we're doing," Crenshaw said. "It is to fight crime, and we need every available leader in this community to come together."

Neighbors started the "Stop the Violence" group five years ago after noticing a sharp increase in the amount of crime.

The group will next host its annual youth awareness program, which runs from June 27 through June 30.

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