The State of Arkansas Rests Its Case in the Billy Green Capital Murder Case

May 19, 2004 -- Posted 8:00 pm CDT

Pocahontas, AR -- The State of Arkansas rests its case after 5 days of witness testimony in the capital murder trial of Billy Dale Green.

Mary Green, Billy Green's wife, was the last witness called by the state and today during cross examination, Mary told jurors that she is still scared of her husband.

Mary Green also told jurors that she's only ever been threatened by her husband, and she was scared to death to talk to investigators because she thought someone who knew Bill would see her.

Following the State's case, the defense began calling its first set of witnesses, including law enforcement officials, Billy Green's boss, and Chad Green's former girlfriend.

Former Sheriff Rob Sammons testified that there were no shell casings where Carl Elliott was said to be shot.

James Thompson, the owner of Thompson Construction Co., and Billy Green's former boss testified that Green showed up to work at 6 a.m. the day after the murder acting normal.

As for Bonnie Hensley, Chad Green's former girlfriend, she testified that she picked up Chad the day after the murders and he was bloody all over.

Chad testified previously that he may have had only a few scratches.

The defense could rest its case on Thursday.