Rehab house at capacity, looking to expand, help more women

OAK GROVE, AR (KAIT) - The Agape House in Oak Grove is at capacity.
"We get phone calls all day long and we have to turn them away because we don't have room for them right now," Executive Director, Sunny Curtis said.
The faith-based program is working to solve that problem, though. Even with two houses, there's currently a six week waiting period for new women to go get the help they need.
"This is ultimate rock bottom. There are a lot of rock bottoms but this is the ultimate," that's what Melissa, a woman going through the 12-step program at the Agape House, said about drug addiction. However, the Agape House is working to change that for Melissa and many other women just like her battling addiction.
"God's got a plan for me," Melissa said.
She's been through other 12-step programs before, but she said none have been as beneficial as the Agape House.
"I had a choice to come here and get clean. I was tired of living the life I was living," Melissa told Region 8 News.
However, some women making the same choice to get clean aren't getting into the faith-based program.
"It's sad when they're waiting in jail and they have to wait in jail until they can come...but those are usually the girls who appreciate being able to be here because they've had to wait in jail," Sunny Curtis said.
Curtis said even with two rehab homes and a step-down home, they're still having to turn women away. Which is why they'd like to expand their operations.
"We'd like to put a house in another county," Curtis said. "Ideally, someday we'd like to have like a big 40 bed building."
Since the house operates solely on donations and fundraisers, Curtis said they host many events throughout the year to raise money for their program.
"I know it seems like we're doing fundraisers all the time but it's just because it takes so much to run the houses," Curtis said.
However, they're houses that Melissa said she's grateful to for helping her turn her life around. And she had a message for other people suffering from drug addiction as well.
"Whether it be here at the Agape House or anywhere else, if you're doing it on your can't do it without God."
The next event to raise money for the Agape House is Saturday, June 23. The event will start at 5 o'clock at the Strawfloor Baptist Church in Jonesboro. A country supper will kick things off followed by gospel singing. The event is free but all donations are accepted and appreciated.
For more information on the event, call Dwayne Morgan at (870) 930-8066.
If you or someone you know is battling drug addiction, you can contact the Agape House at (870) 236-1188.
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