Police: Man admitted he hid because he was afraid of charges

Nathan Holloway (Source: Cross County Sheriff's Department)
Nathan Holloway (Source: Cross County Sheriff's Department)

CROSS COUNTY, AR (KAIT) – A Cross Countydeputy found a man hiding around an elevator building early Monday morning. Thedeputy said the man was hiding because he was afraid of getting public intoxicationcharges.

The Cross County Sheriff's Office said itreceived a call informing officers that someone was found messing aroundPoinsettRice and Grain. The deputy dispatched said he foundNathan Holloway, 28, of McCrory hiding inside the Bud Carwell elevatorbuilding.

Deputy John Gentry said when he arrived tothe site, he noticed a light moving around inside, then pulled around to thesouth bay door where he saw Holloway holding a flashlight for a brief secondbefore he ducked under a large piece of metal.

According to Deputy Gentry, he orderedHolloway several times to come out of the building but recieved no response.Gentry says he then moved around the side of building and detained Holloway,asking him what he was doing on the property.

Holloway responded by admitting he had beendrinking and when he saw Deputy Gentry, he decided to hide because he was afraidof getting a public intox charge, said Gentry.

Reports indicate that after Holloway wasarrested, Gentry also found a pile of loose cut copper wire, a flashlight, aball cap and a pair of wire cutters lying where Mr. Holloway was trying to hide.

Holloway was charged with commercialburglary, criminal trespass, criminal mischief, and public intox. His bond wasset at $5,000.

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