Neighbors talk about man shot in Corning Tuesday

(Source: Will Styron and Courtney Waddell)
(Source: Will Styron and Courtney Waddell)
(Source: Will Styron and Courtney Waddell)
(Source: Will Styron and Courtney Waddell)
(Source: Will Styron and Courtney Waddell)
(Source: Will Styron and Courtney Waddell)

CORNING, AR (KAIT) – On Wednesday night, 52 year-old John Grant of Corning got into an altercation with police at his home. Grant was shot and killed by police after he attacked an officer with a knife. Now, neighbors are coming forward to tell Region 8 News what they heard and saw.

William Styron had just gotten home from work around 9 O'clock, he and his girlfriend live directly across Park Street from Grant and his mother.

Styron, "I was relaxing in the living room and just all of a sudden we heard a gun shot. Looked outside and there were 3 or 4 cop cars out here and then they just started coming from everywhere."

Styron said his normally quiet street, rapidly filled with Police cars.

Styron, "There were about 14 cop cars and then the coroner showed up and it was pretty wild."

Diane Taylor lives right next door to Grant but says she didn't hear anything. "Then," she said. "The phone began to ring." People who listen to police scanners were calling her.

Taylor, "A man on Park Street had been shot and killed but that's about all I knew. But I knew it was next door because I saw all police cars and stuff."

Styron said he and his girlfriend had only seen Grant a couple of times since he moved in with his mother a couple of years ago. Taylor said she rarely saw him too.

Taylor, "Maybe I've spoken to him about 6 times since he's lived there, in the 2 or 3 years he's lived there. He was a very quiet reserved person and never had much to say." Yellow police tape marking off the crime scene was still stretched across Taylor's yard.

The altercation between police and Grant took place inside the home. Courtney Waddell, Styron's girlfriend said it looked like the officer involved in the shooting had taken it hard.

Waddell, "I felt sorry for the cop over there just cause I think he was new and never shot anybody before. He looked pretty beat up about it. He was off by himself for a while."

An incident like this comes as a shock to the neighborhood and to the town as well.

Taylor and Styron both said theirs was a quiet neighborhood. "Surprising, really surprising." Taylor said.

Styron said the shooting took place a little after nine and officers were at the scene well into the night.

Styron, "We watched them coming in and out for quite a while and the State Police showed up and I guess they were doing an investigation and ended up bringing the body out about 11:30."

Since a police officer was involved in the shooting, the investigation is normally conducted by the State Police. Corning Police Chief Jim Earl Groning said the officer involved is on administrative leave until the investigation is over. The officers injuries were not life-threatening.

We will have more details when they are released by the State Police.

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