Students solve crime through science

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-80 Junior High and Senior High School students from all over Region 8 decided to use part of their summer break to go back to school.

A two day CSI camp is being held at Arkansas State University June 20th and 21st.

Students are getting a hands on look at a number of specialized fields.

Associate Professor of Entomology with ASU, Tanja McKay, says

"Students are looking at evidence and learning about science. We have different modules students are participating in. One is robotics, one is forensic entomology. We also have DNA, forensic analysis, and microbiology, to name a few."

Science teacher with Ridgefield Christian School, Wendy Jones, says when she heard about the program she was excited about the opportunity both she and her students would get if selected to participate.

"As a Science teacher," Jones said. "Especially at a small, private Christian school, we are just so hungry. We're hungry for technology, we're hungry for information, we're hungry for new ways to do things and we truly want to put things in our kids hands."

But the camp doesn't end after two days.

McKay says they will continue to work with the teachers and students that attended the camp to help them bring the things they've learned into their classroom.

This program was made possible through a National Science Foundation grant ASU was awarded.

"It's an award that helps get students involved with science," McKay said. "As well as helping teachers promote science in their classroom using different technologies. For example, using microscopes and robotics. Using things to get them interested in the nature of science."

8th grade student Olivia Huey says she's learning a lot at the camp and would recommend it to students at any school.

"You get to meet a lot of new people," Huey said. "And you have a lot of cool equipment and it's kind of fun to kind of like solve the crime because you're not just learning stuff like in school. You're still learning, but you're trying to solve something too."

McKay says they intend to hold the camp for another two years.

For more information about program, log onto their website.

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