New Vicious Animal Ordinance Hops to Life

            A new Craighead county ordinance is taking the bite out of dangerous animals.  It is called the vicious animal control ordinance and it goes a long way at defining what a vicious animal is and what an owner must do to keep one.

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            The ordinance will help neighborhoods like the one Bobby McDonald lives in.  He says a pit bull trainer and breeder lives next door and pit bulls often times are free to roam the area.  McDonald says he took up over fifty names on Sunday of neighbors who had had run ins with pit bulls in the area.  One signature not on the list was that of Officer Mike Perry.  Perry was called out recently when two dogs were loose in the neighborhood.  Officials say he was chased back into his car by the two animals before calling animal control for help.


            A dangerous animal is defined in the ordinance as any that has inflicted substantial bodily harm on a human or is physically threatening.  Wannda Turner with Northeast Arkansans for Animals says the new ordinance goes a long way but does not go far enough.  Saying she would like the definition of a vicious animal to include physical harm to other animals as well.