Region 8 gets carried away by mosquitoes

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - If you've sat outside for any extensive amount of time recently, it's likely you've gotten eaten alive!  There those blood suckers that leave you itching for days.  You know what I'm talking about, mosquitoes!  And the sudden increase in town is keeping workers Vector Disease Control pulling long hours.
"The phones are ringing off the hook right now.  People are saying they are getting carried away by the mosquitoes," said Tom Royals with Vector Disease Control in Jonesboro.  He says they're everywhere.  "They're under everyone's carports, under their decks, flying around their doors."
Last year with all the flooding throughout the Region, the mosquitoes were no surprise.  But with the drought like conditions, many want to know what's the deal?  "We haven't had a whole lot of rain and what's going on is I think a lot of the farmers are irrigating their crops and the mosquitoes unfortunately come out of that water," said Royals. 
A large number of the specimens Royals has collected, is the type that comes off the farm fields.  And the critters are just now making their way into the city limits.  "These last two weeks of June they have gone absolutely nuts," said Royals.
But we're not the only one getting eaten up.  Vector offers individual service request, but with the demand so high Royals says there trying to focus more on the bigger picture.  "It might be two or three days after they call that we can get a truck out because it eats up a lot of our time," said Royals.
While things might seem bad now, there is good news.  "Because some of these crops went in early we're hoping that they're going to be harvested early and maybe cut the mosquito season a little bit short for everybody this year," said Royals.
But his advice in the meantime... "I'd stay in and keep the door shut."
Royals says they're working to bring a plane in within the next couple of days to spray around town which he hopes will bring some sort of relief.

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