Police: Woman was huffing before crashing into home

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – Police say a car that crashed into aJonesboro home Wednesday night was caused by a woman who had been huffing airduster.

According to Officer Rogan Ross, Erica Vinson, 24, ofTrumann was the woman behind the wheel of a black Mercury Mountaineer that crashedinto a home on 1905 Race St. Ross added that Vinson admitted she had beenhuffing air duster when she was taken to St. Bernard's Hospital for testing.

Ross said 5 people were lying on the ground and 1 wasstanding when he arrived at the scene of the accident. His report included thathe found an opened can of air duster with condensation on the SUV's dashboard,an unopened can of air duster in Vinson's purse, and three unopened beers inthe back of the vehicle.

While investigating the scene, Ross said he found that theMountaineer had left the road and travelled 384 feet before hitting the house.He said the vehicle barely missed hitting a fire hydrant and seemed to swervearound some trees before actually hitting the home; tire tracks could clearlybe seen in the grass, but no skid marks appeared, indicating that Vinson nevertried to stop.

Medic One Ambulance took all passengers in the vehicle and aman, who was sitting in the cart port area of the house when the car struck, toSt. Bernard's Regional Medical Center. Blood and Urine samples were taken fromVinson, who said she had blacked out before the crash.

When asked if she understood why officers had to takesamples and if she had been huffing, Vinson nodded her head to say yes, saidRoss.

Vinson was issued a citation for DWI-drugs,careless/prohibited driving, and no seat belt. She is expected in court June 25and was released due to her injuries.

Police have given no word on the status of the passengers inthe crash.

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