Room Makeover: Region 8 Edition

May 21, 2004 -- posted at: 1:45pm

Jonesboro, AR - On May 6, 2004, we asked you to start sending in stories about a homeowner who you thought was deserving of having a room re-done. Many of your letters mentioned one person. A single mother; raising two sons and living with a hodge-podge of home decor that had been handed down from other family members and friends.


n May 11th, we went to Melony Jarvis' home to tell her she had been chosen as the winner. She knew the changes designers Kerri Felts and Joan Blocker wanted to make would be noticeable, but she had no idea how much of an impact R
oom Makeover: Region 8 Edition would have on her.

This story would not have been possible if it weren't for some very generous business owners. The two who donated the most time and products were the co-owners of Interior Design Plus: Joan Blocker and Kerri Felts.

Here's a complete list of donors:

  • Interior Design Plus (Joan Blocker and Kerri Felts)
  • TEC Electric
  • Barton's Do It Center (Jonesboro)
Furniture and Appliances Now (Jonesboro)
  • Dwight Farmer
  • Fabric Warehouse
  • Custom Window Designs
  • Indian Flooring
  • West Washington Guest House (Ken Stacks - owner)