Click it or Ticket Returns

May 21, 2004 --Posted at 9:23 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO --The concept of strict seat belt enforcement has consistently proven to save lives, so don't be surprised if you get caught in a police road block next week.

Arkansas law enforcement is cracking down on unbuckled drivers and it's all a part of a national Click it or Ticket campaign. Arkansans will soon begin to see a $450,000 advertising campaign urging individuals to buckle up. Most people fasten their seat belts out of habit but money is a good motivator for those who don't.

Starting may 24, 2004 Arkansas law enforcement will join with other police agencies nationwide to initiate a thirteen day crackdown on unbelted drivers. Drivers will notice a significant increase in police presence. Anyone caught driving without their seatbelt on will receive a twenty-five dollar ticket.