Unattended trash fire spreads, burns homeowner's home down

BONO, AR (KAIT) – A woman burning trash leads to a brush fire and her home going up in flames.

According to Bono firefighter Nathan Smith, the woman was burning trash at 103 Craighead County Road 395 Tuesday afternoon when she left the fire unattended for a few minutes.

Smith said when she returned the fire had spread. "(It's) still under investigation," he said. "(She) walked inside for a minute and came out, the shed was on fire."

The mobile home and a shed were destroyed by the fire.

Adam Lassiter was working next door with family when the fire started. "It was hot, very hot. 'Bout burned my arm off."

"My aunt just started yelling saying that the neighbor's house was on fire, so we went over there, and it was, and so me and my Uncle Phillip, we were working at the time, took off over there and just grabbed water hoses and started trying to put it out."

Jonesboro, Philadelphia and Valley View Fire Departments assisted the Bono Fire Department with fighting the fire before it spread to a wooded area behind the trailer.

"Due to the heat, it's making it hard for all of us to work as efficient as we need to," Smith said.

Smith said the crews rotated often to keep each other safe. "We got to take more breaks because it's so hot, and we get out there in all our gear, jackets, helmets, and everything to fight the fire, and that makes it harder.

Craighead County judge Ed Hill has not issued a burn ban for Craighead County. Judge Hill released a statement urging people not to "openly burn fires at all until conditions are more favorable."

Judge Hill said the Craighead County Emergency Management Office and Arkansas Forestry Commission are monitoring the situation, and if the extreme temperatures continue with no rain, he could possibly issue a ban by the end of the week.

Firefighters have the fire on County Road 395 under control, but said the area is smoldering and will be smoking for quite awhile.

The homeowner and firefighters were not injured.

For a list of counties under a burn ban click here.

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