EXCLUSIVE: Teresa and Mary Mayes write letters from jail

Letter written by Teresa Mayes
Letter written by Teresa Mayes
Letter written by Teresa Mayes
Letter written by Teresa Mayes
Teresa Mayes' sister reads the letters sent to her from jail
Teresa Mayes' sister reads the letters sent to her from jail
Teresa Mayes (left) and Mary Mayes (right)
Teresa Mayes (left) and Mary Mayes (right)
Adam Mayes
Adam Mayes

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) – Jailhouse letters written by the two women accused of helping Adam Mayes murder and kidnap a Mid-South family were shared exclusively with Action News 5.

Investigators say Adam's wife Teresa Mayes, and his mother, Mary, helped him carry out his plan against the Bain family. Both women have been sending letters to Teresa's sister, Bobbie Booth, in Chattanooga.

Some of the letters are child-like, while others are what nightmares are made of.

"I should have listened to you when you said that there was something about him you did not like," read the letter from Teresa Mayes to her sister.

The letter written by Mary Mayes said, "Teresa and I are very lucky we are alive. I believe he was coming back to kill both of us. Josie how or why did this happen? What did I do wrong?"

Adam Mayes murdered Jo Ann Bain and her 14-year-old daughter, Adrienne. Investigators say the trio then kidnapped Bain's two younger daughters, Alexandria, 12, and Kyliyah, 8.

As authorities were closing in, Adam killed himself, leaving his wife and mother to face the only charges in the case.

Bobbi Booth and Teresa met Adam and his family when they were young.

Teresa graduated from Dalton Georgia High School. Her sister said she got a special education degree.

"If you look at the pictures, you can see she's always had disabilities," said Booth.

Teresa's letters from prison are simple, almost child-like.

"Everybody here is nice. Do y'all still have chickens? I had a white cat with blue eyes. I like my lawyer," read Teresa's letter.

Mary's letters are much different. She writes about abuse at the hands of her son.

"Adam enjoyed making her feel like nothing just like he did me. He would grab Teresa by the throat and push her up against the wall and when I tried to stop him..I got knocked backwards. It was always something with him. We never did anything right. Only he was right," Mary's letter said.

Booth says Adam was calculating with his abuse.

"She had been punched in her stomach numerous times. She told us that was one of his favorite places to hit because you're not going to bruise," she said.

Mary wrote that her son's behavior was the family secret.

"When you are afraid of someone, you don't cross them or ask why. I have been that way for years. No one ever knew because who wants to be afraid of their children," Mary confessed in the letter. "I slept my first safe night behind bars and still dream of him coming in here."

Booth said she does not believe her sister totally understands all that has happened. She believes Teresa was afraid of Adam after the murders.

"Teresa and Mary have both said that he had threatened to kill them both. And you heard in the letter that she felt that he was coming back to kill them," said Booth. "My understanding of the whole thing is because Teresa knew and Mary knew, he planned to get rid of those who knew."

Even so, Booth is not letting her sister off the hook. But the letters do little to lessen her disgust with the whole situation.

"I'm angry with my sister because she didn't tell the whole story in the beginning. I'm angry with Mary because how could you not know? Why didn't you tell the police? I just want answers as I've said all along," said Booth.

Bobbi Booth may not get those answers until Teresa and Mary Mayes appear in court. She said when she told Teresa to leave Adam, he cut off Teresa's contact.

Now that Adam is gone, there is no one stopping these letters.

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