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Jonesboro -- Heather Flanigan

Mosquito Season is Here!

May 24, 2004 -- Posted at 3:43 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO -- It's that time of year again...mosquito season! The pests are known as 'skeeters and some even jokingly refer to them as 'Arkansas state bird.' But one thing's for certain, they're pesky and they're all over Region 8.

"They are going to get a little worse before it's get better. We should have a major hatch come off around the first of July," said Derek Hogue of Vector Disease Control.

Folks are gearing up for swatting season and workers at Vector Disease Control say this year's mosquito population will be hard to predict, but there are ways to combat them. "We'll do the same things we've done in the past. We treat the tire piles, very hard and heavy, along with the septic tanks this time of year. We also look for standing water in ditches and try to put some BTI out in those areas to try to keep the mosquitos from breeding," said Hogue.

But it's stagnant water that is the real enemy....

"You can almost make sure that anything that will hold water for more than 5 to 10 days will breed a mosquito," said Hogue.

Even a small amount of stagnant water is enough for mosquitos to breed. But just by dumping out small containers of water in your yard, you can cut down on the number of mosquitos.

Here are a few tips for when you're outside.  "They can wear long sleeves at night, stay inside after dark they can use mosquito repellent that contains deet, leave the porch light off when they are sitting on the porch to not draw mosquitos, and They can trim their bushes back so they don't have a place to harbor," said Hogue.

And harboring the threat of West Nile is also a concern.

"The last couple of years there's been a pretty good threat. The Centers for Disease Control has done some pretty extensive research on that, but, at this time, we cannot say how bad it's going to be for this season," said Hogue.

Vector Disease Control also sprays yards and ditches. If you have an excessive problem with mosquitos in your area, give them a call at 933-6939.

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