Billy Green Sits Down to Tell His Story

May 24, 2004 -- Posted 7:00 p.m. CDT

Pocahontas, AR -- Even before the beginning of his trial, Billy Green has said he's being railroaded. Following his sentence of death, Green asked the media to get his side of the story out  for further investigation. Remember Green refused to testify, something he says his attorneys urged him to do.

"If I were a guilty person, would I want anybody to investigate it? I'm innocent," said Green.

Where were you that night then?

"I was home that night, I'm not saying that my family lied they just got the dates wrong," said Green. "I went to go pick up my son the third day after this happened, I had nothing to do with it."

Green believes he can prove his alibi.

"You'll need the phone records from Bonnie Collins where Chad called me, that alone will show I was home and he called me 3 days after the murders to come pick him up. My lawyers never got that phone number. His little white truck I pulled it out of a ditch down by my house 3 days later that's what he used to carry the little girl and everything," said Green. "I like my attorneys and everything, but I don't think they did their best."

Green says his family turned against him in court to save his oldest son Chad. In fact Green says Chad is the only murderer.

"You guys got the wrong picture. It's not him afraid of me, I'm afraid of my son. Over the years he's confided in me told me what he's done. He accidentally killed Carl Elliott, and had to go kill the rest of the family for witnesses. My God, anybody can look at the evidence and know that I had nothing to do with it. How can you turn your oldest son in for this? Me and Mary has cried over this, she knows I'm innocent," said Green.

But Mary Green testified against her husband. Randolph County Sheriff Brent Earley says the arrests were made after Mary came forward to the police. Mary testified she's still scared of her husband.

"I'm sick about it. My heart's just had a big lump in my heart over this for 5 years now, but like I said the only thing I'm guilty of is being Chad's father and I'm not ashamed of that," said Green.

You do admit you have a reputation though correct?

"I'm not near the guy that my reputation points at," said Green.

Should the spotlight be on you at this point?

"The Elliott family went through a great tragedy, but I had nothing to do with it, all I'm trying to do right now, and I'm sorry for the Elliott family for what my son's done to them, right now I'm trying to keep from being executed for something I didn't do," said Green.