Hayti, Caruthersville investigating several animal abuse cases

HAYTI, MO (KAIT) – The Hayti Police Department and Caruthersville Humane Society are investigating several cases of animal abuse in Hayti.

Saturday, June 23, around 1:30 p.m. Hayti police responded to a call at a vacant lot located on West Lincoln and found seven dogs dead or injured.

"We found three dead dogs, two badly decomposed, one was hanging from his chain into a fence, and it apparently strangled to death," said Officer Michael Slavings.

Officer Slavings said officers found three injured dogs and one that was chained to a tree by his owner.

When Region 8 News visited the vacant lot Sunday afternoon, Hayti police seized the dog that was chained to the tree.

Investigators said they also discovered at least one more dead dog that was not on the lot during the time of the initial call.

Officer Slavings said no one has claimed any of the animals.

Larry McIntyre lives less than a mile away from where police found the dogs.

"I see a lot of kids come through with them because a lot of kids love pets. So, I don't know what's going on, but I see them a lot though."

The Caruthersville Humane Society is caring for the animals police found alive. "(We) had them all checked out, and they were being treated with antibiotics and what they needed for their wounds," said Caruthersville Humane Society president Karol Wilcox.

"One of the dogs had definite puncture wounds on it that indicate it came from other dogs biting it. So, we had some questions about were they bait dogs or fighting dogs."

Hayti Animal Control officer Ricky Hooper said two of the dogs involved in the investigation were recently stolen from the city shed.

"And now of course we're looking for two of the animals, and find out who stole them because they've moved themselves into a felony range there," said Wilcox.

The Society hopes to find homes for the animals police found alive.

"We would love to get them to know that humans aren't bad and give them a life, somewhere to live out their life comfortably," said Wilcox.

Hayti police are asking anyone with information about the investigation to call the Hayti Police Department at (573) 359-1259, or the Caruthersville Humane Society at (573) 333-0100.

"We've talked to several people in the area, but we don't have any leads at this time about as to who the dogs may belong to."

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