High temperatures wreak havoc for Jonesboro Animal Control

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Temperatures are causing problems for Jonesboro Animal Control.

Sgt. Larry Rogers says they don't have room for all the animals in their facility due to the extreme heat. "When it's seventy degree heat," Rogers said. "We've got room for outdoor kennels and everything, but when it gets high in the 90s and above there's just no way you can place an animal out there and all rescue agencies are running into that type of problem."

Rogers says they have twenty kennels outside that they normally use to house animals. He says to put the animals in these kennels under these  conditions would be a form of cruelty.

As a result, there's no more room and they're being forced euthanize animals more often than normal. "It's 20 more dogs that we can't hold onto," Rogers said. "That's what's so bad about it. We have to make the decision a lot more often because of the lack of the space and everything. It's very heart wrenching."

Rogers says the heat is taking away much needed space. He says he and fellow Animal Control Officers are begging the public to come out and adopt before they are forced to begin putting animals down.

For more information about Jonesboro Animal Control, log onto this website.

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