How Is the City of Jonesboro Responding to Rising Gas Prices?

May 25, 2004--Posted at 6:30 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO--"This year we have budgeted $113,000.00 for gasoline, and I am keeping an eye on that because we may go over that," said Jonesboro Police Department's Rusty Grigsby.

There is no way to avoid filling up the cars.......but city offices are trying to work together within the department to cut down on how much gas they use. "Our drivers will assist one another on their routes. If one driver is on one side of his route and he has a street that needs to be picked up, or we have a mess, we'll have a driver that is close to that go by and pick it up," said Sanitation Superintendent Royce Leonard.

When the Sanitation Department, for example, runs out of fuel, they call the City Purchasing Agent who will then call around and get quotes on who has the best price for the city.

Steve Kent is the City Purchasing Agent for Jonesboro and he says high gas prices will significantly effect police, sanitation, and streets, and they will have to take a long look at the budget concerning gas prices for next year. Obviously part of the job for the police and fire department is to respond to emergencies.

They say nothing will change the way they respond to the community. "We are going to respond no matter what gas goes to," said Rigsby.

"We provide a service to the public, emergency services, and therefore we haven't altered our response in any way," said Jonesboro Fire Department's Alan Dunn.