Study Finds Many Arkansans Cautious of Doctors, Hospitals

MAY 26, 2004 - Posted at 7:27 a.m. CDT

LITTLE ROCK, AR - A new study finds that minorities and poor whites in Arkansas tend to be suspicious of doctors and hospitals.

Dr. Eduardo Ochoa and his colleagues interviewed 148 Arkansans, including blacks, Hispanics, Asians and poor whites.  He said many were wary of the health care industry.  Ochoa said the participants were asked questions to compare overall health and how they were treated while receiving health care.

The study found that one-third of Arkansas hispanics have no health insurance and that twenty percent of blacks and 13 percent of whites have no health insurance.

Don Adams, a vice president of the Arkansas Hospital Association, said he does not believe Arkansas hospitals treat minorities differently than whites.

The study was presented yesterday at a meeting of the Minority Health Consortium.

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