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Hospital educates EMTs about deadly heart attack

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – Local paramedics learned this weekend how to spot patients suffering from the deadliest form of heart attack.

St. Bernards held training Saturday morning to improve care of patients with ST elevated heart attacks, which is a condition that requires immediate intervention to open blocked veins.

Pam Jeter, the STEMI coordinator at St. Bernards, says the program will help speed the response time for these people.

"The goal is to decrease time it takes to get a patient with an ST elevated heart attack to the cath lab or thrombolytics because there's a 90-minute window for these patients to have the best outcomes," Jeter said. "We don't only want to save their life. We want to save their lifestyle."

St. Bernards reserved the first class for emergency responders from a seven-county area. Jeter says the hospital will next reach out to local nurses and doctors for additional training.

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