Bush Administration "Ramping Up" Terror Defenses

MAY 26, 2004 - Posted at 11:04 a.m. CDT

WHITE HOUSE - The Bush administration says it's "ramping up" America's terror defenses ahead of some upcoming events that could be al-Qaida targets.

But White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan acknowledges there's been no spike in terrorist "chatter" monitored by U.S. intelligence.

Rather, he says there's been a "continuous stream" indicating al-Qaida has operatives in America who may be plotting to strike.

He points to Saturday's dedication of the World War II memorial in Washington, the upcoming G-8 summit in Georgia, the Fourth of July and the summer political conventions as "possible targets."

McClellan says Americans should be vigilant, because the nation "is in a serious threat period."

Meanwhile, federal officials will use a news conference this afternoon to draw new attention to some terror suspects they've been pursuing for months.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)