Protocol for reporting animal abuse

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Recent animal abuse cases in Region 8 have brought to light a person's role if they see animal abuse.

One case in Region 8 involved Sally. A mixed breed dog who was left tangled in a fence for three days.
"For a dog who was ignored by people as she lay tangled in a fence for three days...she is the sweetest dog," veterinarian Dr. Kristin McCollum said.
Sally was brought to Greene County Animal Farm after she chewed off her leg to free herself from the fence.
"We saw her after all of that and immediately had to amputate that leg," Dr. McCollum said.
"When they're in situations like that and they're trapped and they feel like they can't get away. You know, out in the wild, that's what they have to do,"
Sally, however, is one of the luckier abuse victims.
"We had nine abuse cases on the Fourth of July," Wannda Turner with Northeast Arkansans for Animals said.
Some of those animals were in such bad shape, they had to be put down.
"One involved a cat that was burned, we're pretty sure it was by fireworks," Turner said. "That poor animal didn't make it."
Another case involved puppies so badly infected with fleas and mange that they'd lost most of their hair. Another dog was so starved, Wannda said "you could actually almost see through the dog, there was that little."
Wannda said oftentimes, neighbors witness this kind of abuse and do nothing about it. Which can lead to worse behavior from abusers down the road.
"Statistics are overwhelming that people that do violent crimes almost always start on animals. They lose the respect for life," Wannda said.
She explained that people need to be proactive. City residents can call their local animal control, and if they can't get ahold of an officer there, they can contact the police department. County residents can call NAFA at (870) 932-1955 or they can contact Wannda directly at (870) 243-4362. She said regardless of who you contact, you have to give two vital pieces of information.
"You can't just say 'drive down this road and turn left here' you have to give an exact address. You also have to give a good description of the dog," Wannda said.
Wannda said you can remain anonymous in any animal abuse calls. They just want to save more animals from winding up like Sally or worse.
"Don't let something lay there and suffer because you might be scared," Dr. McCollum said. "Don't depend on someone else to do something about it."
Sally is currently up for adoption at the Greene County Animal Farm. You can contact them at (870) 240-8117 or email them at

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