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Thomas Perkins Pays It Forward: 07/09/12


This week's Pay It Forward segment starts out along Indiana Avenue between 4th Street and the Clovis Highway. We set up with our Pay It Forward sign searching for this week's playmaker. 

After a couple of minutes, we are approached by Thomas Perkins who was working nearby at the time. He was curious about what was going on and when he recognized the sign, he had a close friend that he wanted to help out.

Thomas told us about Kris Richardson. Kris had spent some time in the Army and Thomas felt that his family could use some extra cash. Thomas leads us to a hotel where Kris serves as a maintenance worker. 

When we arrive, we count out $300 and Thomas seeks Chris out. We arrive at the maintenance office where Thomas surprises Kris with $300. Kris is surprised at first and tells Thomas thank you for helping him out.

Kris said that he would use the money to help pay medical expenses for his son and is moved by Thomas's actions. 

Be looking for our Pay It Forward sign soon, and you could become our next playmaker!

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