The CALL organization trains foster parents

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - There is a huge need in America and right here in Region 8 for foster parents. Nicole Potts is the local coordinator for CALL, Children of Arkansas Loved for a Lifetime, a state-wide Christian organization that promotes fostering and adopting local children.

She sat down with us at her business "Communication Made Easy" to discuss the need and what the CALL organization is all about.

Potts, "The last statistics I got there were only 22 families in all of Craighead County and 170 children that are in need of care." Those numbers go up on a regular basis for various reasons.

Potts said their organization is an aide for those that may be wary of all the red tape it takes to become a foster parent.

Potts, "We recruit and we train. So far we have trained 19 families since January and we're excited about that."

CALL also has a need for people to volunteer their time.Volunteers are needed with degrees in Sociology and Psychology that will help Licensed Social Workers get these homes open to receive kids.

Potts said CALL also has a need for licensed Social workers to volunteer to augment DHS. She said DHS doesn't have enough to meet the demand and currently CALL only has one in this area.

Potts spoke highly of DHS but readily admits that they could use some extra hands.

"They are overworked and they can't do everything they need to do to help these children. We're here to help make that easier for them so everyone can do a good job." Potts said.

One of the steps in becoming a foster parent is taking 9 two - three hour parenting classes generally spread out over several weeks.

CALL will offer 2 two-day sessions on July 21 and 22nd and August 4-5 at Central Baptist to help speed this part of the process along.

Potts said there is a wide range of kids that need good parenting and loving homes.

Potts, "In the CALL organization, we are recruiting Christians so it would be someone who is a Christian and they feel lead by God to take care of an extra child in their home."

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