Confusion about Camp Raider straightened out

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Some confusion regarding Nettleton School District's before and after school program, Camp Raider, was cleared up Monday.

Some parents told Region 8 News that they were told by staff at the Nettleton School District that they wouldn't be able to enroll their children in Camp Raider this upcoming fall.

According to Nettleton's Superintendent, James Dunivan, the program is not being canceled, rather, relocated.

In a statement to Region 8 News Monday tonight, Superintendent Dunivan said that parents won't lose the after school program, but they will see some changes to it.
"We are relocating our Raider after school program to one central location to better serve the children," Dunivan said.
He went on to explain that the Camp Raider Director will be over the Pre-K program at the Nettleton Intermediate Center and they'll have their after school program there.
That means Camp Raider won't take place at Fox Meadow or University Heights... But it will still be available for parents to send their children to.
"We will still be offering the same quality programs we have in the past," the superintendent said.
He also said parents who still wish to take part in Camp Raider will sign up in the normal way.
Camp Raider serves kids in Kindergarten through 6th grade during the school year and the summer.

The exact details of this consolidation are still in the works. We'll pass those along once they've been figured out.
On July 17, a school board meeting will take place for the Nettleton School District at 6 p.m.
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