Region 8 Mayor Wins Award

May 26, 2004 - Posted at 5:00 CDT

CHEROKEE VILLAGE - A Region 8 mayor will receive the nationalMark Trail award for his work in making his community safer.  The award will be given to Cherokee Village mayor Ray Maynard June 3 in Washington D.C.  The award, now in its eighth year, awards individuals, organizations, and states that use or provide NOAA weather and All Hazards Radio receivers and transmitters to save lives and property.

Maynard was instrumental in securing funds in order to establish a new NOAA weather radio transmitter.  Besides serving the citizens of Cherokee Village, the new transmitter helps support others in a three county area.

Maynard says before the installation of the new transmitter, many parts of Cherokee Village and other areas could not receive weather warnings.  The nearest transmitters in Jonesboro and Mountain Home just were not strong enough to cover all areas.