Shots fired at truck carrying mother and her two children

CARUTHERSVILLE, MO (KAIT) – Tuesday, shots were fired at atruck carrying a 10-year-old and a 6-year-old.

According to the Caruthersville Police Department, shotswere fired at a black Ford F-150 pick-up driven by 28-year-old Kerri Tilson onthe corner of 12th St. and Franklin Ave.; the truck was alsocarrying Tilson's two sons.

Officers said Tilson told them she was stopped by a group ofteens who were signaling her to move off the road and heard one of them saysomeone had a gun.

The officers then said a 37-year-old woman driving a greyand black Dodge Charger rushed toward her and pulled alongside the truck beforefiring four shots at Tilson and her children.

Investigators said they found a bullet hole in the driverside door and another above the driver side tire.

Police were able to find witnesses who could identify theshooter and her passenger, who was a 44-year-old woman.

Both women are being held in the Pemiscot County Jail, andnames are being withheld pending the filing of formal charges.

Region 8 News will have more on this story later.

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