Home video captures teen beating mentally disabled man

CARUTHERSVILLE, MO (KAIT) - The Caruthersville Police Department is investigating the beating of a man by a teenager.

Caruthersville police are reviewing a video that shows Louis Crocker, a man known in Caruthersville as "Cool Breeze", being punched and kicked several times by a young woman.

Police said all of the girls involved were arrested earlier Wednesday in connection to the beating that happened at the corner of Highland Avenue and 4th Street.

Caruthersville Chief of Police Tony Jones said the Pemiscot County prosecuting attorney could charge the man seen in the video standing by a pool and observing the fight "once the prosecutor looks into it further and determines what was being said, or if he was enticing the juvenile to fight, or whether he's trying to influence Mr. Crocker to fight with the juvenile."

Deonte Fonda told Region 8 News he is the man seen in the video. He said the fight happened beside the pool in his yard.

Twenty-five year old Fonda said the fight that was recorded and posted on Facebook is one of several from that day between the teen and Crocker, and the actions of the girl were a reaction to Crocker swearing at her.

"I'm cleaning out the pool, and they came in, and me and Cool Breeze was out there. They came and they asked can they get in the pool, and Cool Breeze was like, 'No b____, you can't get in the pool,' and she was like, 'Who you calling a b____?'"

"He was being aggressive too," Fonda said. "He was trying to scrap back."

Fonda's brother Jimmy does not believe his brother should face any charges. "If you look at the video, Cool Breeze did just like this (motioned for the girl to come towards him), telling them to bring it."

Jimmy said, "If I was walking down the street and I saw somebody over there getting whooped, I ain't getting in it because it ain't my business."

The names of the teens involved have not been released because they are minors and have not been charged.

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