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Mallard Lake lowered 2 ft. for repair, lack of rain is proving costly



The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission is working to replace a faulty pipe and canal gate to prevent the 300-acre lake from completely draining.

Earlier this spring, officials drained two feet of water from Mallard Lake after several holes were found in a pipe on the north side.

Upon closer inspection, it was found that the canal gate was in poor shape as well.

Now, the water level continues to drop at Mallard Lake near Manila as officials scramble to make necessary repairs.

Regional Fisheries Supervisor Jeremy Risley says the extreme lack of rain is proving costly.

"It's approximately three feet low. And with it being a shallow lake, it really shows that it's really low."

We are nearly 12 inches behind on rainfall for the year according to the National Weather Service, and each day, the summer sun evaporates even more water from the surface.

Now the new pipe is not sealing correctly and repairs have slowed to a halt as Risley waits for contractors to find a solution.

"We weren't really prepared for that. That caused some delays and currently we're in the process of getting all that taken care of."

The original completion date of June has come and gone.

Now Risley is unsure exactly when the repairs will be finished.

He says even if the pipe was fixed today, it would take steady rain and over a month of pumping to get the lake back to normal.

"The ditch that we use to fill up the lake is too low. The pipe that we pull the water out of is completely out of the water. So when we get the rain and get the water in the pipe, we'll start pumping immediately."

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