House donated to ministry

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -The John 3:16 Ministries now has a new location in Jonesboro, thanks to theWhite family donating a house on Flint Street to the ministry.

Monday, the house was officially complete and a grandopening was held with a fish fry to celebrate the event. John 3:16 Ministriesworks to help men rid themselves of drug and alcohol addiction. The main campusis in Charlotte, Arkansas.

Director Bryan Tuggle says men with drug addictionsstay at their main campus in Charlotte, Arkansas for three months. Once they'vecompleted their time there, Tuggle says they take them out to go and work inthe community.

Tuggle says this generous donation is going to make ahuge difference helping men in the Region 8 area. "Craighead county menwill be able to get jobs," Tuggle said. "We go over and we work forlike Arkansas Glass and different places, Western Sizzlin. We go and serve thecommunity and then the community serves us back and we get jobs that way."

Tuggle says now men from the Jonesboro area can getguidance in Jonesboro. "We can send men to this house," Tuggle said."We stay Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and we work and serve thecommunity."

Landon Wise graduated from the program in May of 2010,and now Landon works as one of the programs instructors helping others. "Thisministry is a great place," Wise said. "It's a place for guys to comewho struggle with drugs and alcohol. It's a refuge for them to come and findthe Lord and learn how to work, get a good work ethic, to learn how to live alife without drugs and alcohol."

Tuggle says their goal for the men they work to hasboth a big and current picture. "The big picture is to get everybody toHeaven," Tuggle said. "The picture for right now is to get men whoare locked up in bondage to alcohol and drugs out of that and set them freethrough God's work."

Wise says he knows from experience the help thisorganization provides others. "I decided to stay on because I love to helpother people," Wise said. "I get to see the guys come in on Sundaythat are broken down and don't know where to turn and then I get to see them amonth later and see their families and the looks on their faces when they seeeach other and it's a great feeling."

Wise says without the continued support from thepublic, organizations like John 3:16 Ministries won't continue to exist. "Drugsand alcohol are becoming a big problem," Wise said. "Places like thisare becoming more and more and we have to have the support to keep these placesgoing because these guys need a place to go."

Tuggle says they are working with 82 men right now andaround 20 of them are from Jonesboro.

For more information about the John 3:16 Ministries,log onto their website.

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