Roads Swell Due to Holiday Travel

May 28, 2004 - Posted 3:00 p.m. CDT 



          JONESBORO --High gas prices are not stopping holiday travelers from getting a little R& R.  According to the AAA, 30.9 million vacationers are expected to head onto the roads this Memorial weekend, an increase of 3.4% over last year’s numbers.  

Gas Prices in the state ofArkansas are averaging a 1.95 a gallon for regular unleaded.   Across the United States gas prices are averaging above the two dollar mark.  California has the highest gas prices at 2.36 a gallon.

            While people are still driving out of town for the holiday gas prices are having a small affect.  Many people in Jonesboro saying they are not driving as far as they had originally planned to enjoy the holiday.

            The Arkansas State Police say they are certainly not going to let high gas prices keep them off the road.  Corporal Jeff Wilson says troopers will be out in full force patrolling highways.  He says they are focusing on safety this year.  Adding they will be checking for DUI, DWI, and seatbelts.

            In Arkansas, road construction is another obstacle weekend warriors will have to face.  Road work in Arkansas has increased from this time last year.  This year 98 miles or Arkansas interstate is being worked on with an estimated 14 miles of roadway reduced to single lane traffic in each direction.