Arkansas Athletics launches TD2012 campaign

FAYETTEVILLE - The University of Arkansas Department of Athletics officially launched its TD2012 campaign for football post-season awards Monday.

The UA athletic department developed an all-encompassing strategic plan to support and promote multiple Razorback football student-athletes. The official campaign will highlight information regarding Arkansas' candidates for post-season honors and rally the fans as the season progresses towards election day for each award.

The campaign name TD2012 represents the toughness and determination that have been demonstrated by the members of the Razorback football program, led by the student-athletes being promoted for post-season awards.  The "One Program. One Goal." slogan originated from head coach John L. Smith's introductory press conference in April.

Toughness and determination are among the qualities the team will need to continue to demonstrate throughout the season in order to reach its annual goal of being national champions and receiving an invitation to Washington D.C. Individual honors will be a reflection of the team's success.

In January, when quarterback Tyler Wilson and running back Knile Davis announced their intentions to return to the Razorback football team for the 2012 season, a committee was formed in anticipation of expectations for the upcoming season. The committee met throughout the spring to develop a strategic plan to communicate the messages of the TD2012 campaign, highlighting multiple student-athletes throughout the summer and the upcoming season. The TD2012 campaign will focus on promoting Arkansas football student-athletes, including the 12 who have already been named to individual awards watch lists or preseason all-conference teams.

The Arkansas Athletic Department launched @ARKTD2012 on Twitter at 8 a.m. Monday morning to serve as the official headquarters of the campaign. Members of the committee feel Twitter is the most effective platform to be proactive in reaching voters with key messages about Razorback football student-athletes while also engaging the Arkansas fan base. Razorback fans are encouraged to follow @ARKTD2012 and use #ARKTD2012 to show their support of the campaign. The Twitter account provides fans with up-to-the minutes updates on all elements of the campaign.

The University of Arkansas TD2012 campaign is based on the following strategy:

1. Athletic Success: Individual awards are based primarily on team success and on-field performance. Therefore the most crucial part of the campaign is quantifying the athletic contribution by Razorback football student-athletes towards team success.

2. Media Exposure: An important element of the TD2012 campaign is maximizing the exposure of the candidates while being efficient with their time. A major initiative of the campaign is planned for July 24-25 when Tyler Wilson and Knile Davis will travel to New York City and Bristol, Conn. On their trip they will visit the offices of Sports Illustrated and CBS Sports Network on July 24 and participate in the ESPN "Car Wash" the following day. During the season, the student-athletes will follow a pre-determined media availability schedule.

3. Reaching the Voters: The University of Arkansas Department of Athletics will be proactive in reaching out to voters of awards with key messages which will quantify the performances of Razorback football student-athletes.