Weiner Remembers A Fallen Soldier

May 29, 2004--Posted at 6:00 p.m. CDT

WEINER--John Jefferson Riegle was born in Ohio in 1834.

In 1862, he enlisted as an Ohio Sharpshooter.

Battling illness and injury in the late 1880's , Riegle moved to Weiner Arkansas with his son where he became a farmer.

"Low and behold the obituary notice was sent to his son, and had noted that John Jefferson Riegle lived in a small community in Weiner Arkansas, which is twenty miles from where I live," said Riegle family member Gary Glisson.

"I knew I was honored to come, and was so thrilled with what my son Gary had put together. I didn't know I would be so moved.  I just could hardly keep from bawling," said Riegle's Great Granddaughter Rosalind Riegle.

Folks said it's important to remember our history, so we will know where we have been and where our country is going.

"We don't realize or recognize the importance of our heritage until we are too old to appreciate it,"said Glisson.

"It's important for families to know who they are and what they represent, and to honor each side of the family. Community members are also encouraged to attend activities like this one for a lesson in America's history.

"You love seeing what goes on, and remembering it hasn't been that long ago", Riegle added.

John Jefferson Riegle passed away in 1906.