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JPD makes 2nd arrest in July 17 home invasion

Rodreiko Norvell Johnson (Source: Jonesboro Police Department) Rodreiko Norvell Johnson (Source: Jonesboro Police Department)
Dewon Sills (Source: Jonesboro Police Department) Dewon Sills (Source: Jonesboro Police Department)


JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – A second person has been arrested in connection to recent home invasions that have happened within the past eight days.

Jason Simpkins, with the Jonesboro Police Department, said Dewon Sills, was charged with aggravated residential burglary in connection with an incident that happened July 17 in the 1500 block of Garland.

Rodreiko Norvell Johnson also appeared at a probable cause hearing Wednesday at 1 p.m. for the residential burglary that happened around 11 p.m. Tuesday on the 1500 block of Garland.

The arrests are two Jonesboro police have made in connection with the third home invasion. 

"(The home invasion on Garland) is not related to the others that we're currently investigating," Det. Simpkins said.

The most recent home invasion happened a little more than eight hours after the home invasion on the 4700 block of Prospect. 

According to the police report filed July 17 at 11:19 p.m., the "suspect entered into house at gunpoint, left the scene, and fled from police". 

The victim told police as he was taking out the trash, the suspect entered his home with a .25 caliber handgun, according to the police affidavit. 

The victim went across the street to call authorities. 

Once police arrived to investigate, witnesses reported a black male wearing black clothing in the Oak Meadow area.

When officers found the suspect, he fled. 

As police were searching for the suspect, the neighborhood watch members in the community where the home invasion happened were communicating with each other.

"This was the first message that we received, and it was at 11:29, and said there's a police car with flashing blue lights on Oak Meadow which is just a block east," said Harold Copenhaver. 

Copenhaver said of about 200 people that live in his neighborhood, about 50 are on groupMe, a cell phone application his neighborhood watch uses to stay connected via group texts.  

"And as we went on, 'They are spotlighting homes,' and then another neighbor said, 'The suspect is on foot in our area.'" 

Copenhaver said he and his wife heard the suspect outside their bedroom. 

"I was approaching to get back into bed, and then I heard footsteps running outside my window. So that was about two to three yards from us." 

Det. Simpkins said officers closed in on the suspect on Starling and found him hiding under a carport. 

"When he fled from the officers there was a perimeter established around the subdivision that he was in, last seen in, and that's where he was apprehended." 

Copenhaver believes the play-by-play on groupMe and the information they gave to police helped to track the suspect. 

"We were notified that there was a suspect in the area and that he was only a block away. So, the reaction time, again, was a little quicker than we probably would've anticipated."

Sills and Johnson’s bond was set at $50,000 each. Both are scheduled to appear August 27 at 8:30 a.m.

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