OFFBEAT with Bob: Old King Cole's Goat Farm

May 30, 2004--Posted at 10:30 p.m.  CDT

CRAIGHEAD COUNTY--In today's world of video games, cd players, and dvd's, kids seem to spend way too much time in the house and not enough time outdoors. But the Coles of Craighead County are their getting kids, all 100 of them, together with other kids for a real outdoor experience.

Byron Cole and his wife Clara live on top of Cole Hill and have 62 kids, as in goats, under a year old. "5 had triplets, 20 had twins, and 5 or 6 had one. That's getting babies," said Byron Cole.

"This is our old quiet place," said his wife Clara. "Sometimes I call it the dead end of tough street. You know there are tough times and whatever, but it's a nice place and everybody that comes thinks it's lovely."

People are coming cause the Coles raise Boer goats, not milk goats, but meat goats. You know, the kind you eat.

"We don't! I can't eat my pet. But they say goats a really good meat," said Mrs. Cole

The Coles aren't eating them, they're feeding them. At least the ones that can't get it anywhere else. But after a while, bottle feeding her kids got to be too big a job for just Ms. Clara, so she invited other kids to help. The two legged kind.

"People come down. Can I bring my kids and then they come and so it's quite interesting," says Mrs. Cole. "Goats are better, they're more fun. People come down to see them. It's fun watching city kids play with them and realize they're not wild animals."

Grand kids, neighbor kids, and other kids all come by and lend a hand in bottle feeding the Boer kids.

According to Mrs. Cole, "That's just something special city kids love to do. It's fun to watch these kids do this. It's better than video games and game boys and other things they play with I didn't have in when I was growing up."

Mr. Cole said, "They all have a good time. When they come around they have a good time and we all have a good time.  Nobody's fussing and that means you had a good day and we don't always have that."

I guess old King Cole is a merry old soul after all and queen Cole's pretty happy too. As long as there's plenty of kid's to play with.