Possible door to door scam

Hoxie, AR (KAIT) – Hoxie Police are warning residents of twomen going door to door without permission.

Hoxie Police Chief Glen Smith tells Region 8 News that twowhite males between their 40s and 50s drove up to an elderly couple's home in awhite pickup truck. The men knocked on the couple's door and told them theywere there to work on the couple's floor.

Smith  says the mencame into the home and began to measure the couple's floors. Next, the two menasked the couple when and where they received their social security checks. Thecouple told them they receive the checks at their home.

Although the couple was not hurt, Police Chief Smith saysresidents should not let people into their homes they don't know.

Smith says the city of Hoxie has an ordinance prohibiting peoplefrom going door to door. He says no one has requested a permit recently to godoor to door.

If you suspect someone is doing this, Police Chief Smithsays contact the Hoxie Police Department at (870) 886-7701.

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