Lawmaker reimbursements down since suit settled

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) - Reimbursements to Arkansas lawmakers has dropped since the settlement four months ago of a lawsuit that challenged their reimbursements.
The settlement prohibits lawmakers who live within 50 miles of Little Rock from receiving up to $10,200 a year for office expenses in lieu of per diem and mileage expenses.
House records show office-expenses for April, May and June totaled $144,061 - down from $426,204 during the first three months of the year. The Senate reimbursed about $53,000 a month for January, February and March - then fell to about $38,000 in April and $36,000 in May.
Some lawmakers told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette that they're wary of new documentation required for the expenses or that they haven't had time to do the paperwork because of campaigns and other priorities.
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