Pres. Obama visits teen wounded in theater shooting

President Barack Obama visited the Baton Rouge teenager wounded in the mass-shooting inside a Colorado movie theater.

The President stopped by the hospital room of Bonnie Kate Pourciau at the University of Colorado Hospital early Sunday evening.   He offered words of comfort to Pourciau and her friend, Elizabeth Sumrall, who was with her inside the theater. 

Pourciau was shot in her knee.  Sumrall was not injured.

Earlier in the day, WAFB's Andre Moreau interviewed Pourciau inside her hospital room.  Pourciau says she initially did not think she would survive the shooting.   "I was in an excruciating amount of pain, but I had a peace and I just felt like God really just wrapped me up and held me and I was ok," Pourciau said.   WAFB's extended interview with Pourciau will air Sunday night on WAFB 9NEWS AT TEN.

President Obama complimented Bonnie Kate Pourciau on her beautiful smile and said it was encouraging to see in wake of all that has happened, Moreau reported.

President Obama also visited several other patients at the same hospital, seeking to provide comfort to hurting and grieving victims and relatives in the wake of the movie theater massacre that left 12 people dead and dozens injured. 

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