Self defense classes not always an option, awareness is

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - In the wake of recent home invasions and robberies, some Region 8 women question whether or nota self defense class would help them. We spoke with a local Karate Master who said to an extend it would, but it all depends on how willing a person is to committing themselves to learning the techniques.
"A lot of people call us, wanting a one week program, two week program thinking that's going to make them feel safe," Master Logan Lee of Lee's Karate said. "That is probably one of the worst things that we can that short term, make you feel good type class."
Lee is the chief instructor and owner of Lee's Karate. He said giving short classes like that can often times do more harm than good.
"They give them a false sense of security and I think that is more harmful than not taking any classes in the first place," he told Region 8 News.
Lee said taking classes for the long-term will help build muscle memory. He added that self defense isn't something you can learn overnight.
"Martial arts is something that takes a long time to get good at," Lee said.
We realize, however, that taking a long-term self defense class isn't always an option. Knowing basic safety awareness tips are, though. Many of these tips are thought of as common sense, but oftentimes people forget to implement them into their daily routine.
• While walking to and from your car, make sure you know where your car is located
• Have your keys ready. 
• Be aware of people and vehicles as you're walking to and from your car
• Don't text while walking across a parking lot
• Keep a cell phone charged and in your car. If you do not have a cell phone, make sure that you have a calling card or change for a public phone. 
• Keep all valuables locked in the trunk. 
• Park in well lit areas near your destination.
• Always lock your car when you leave it, even if you are planning to be gone only a short time. 
• Avoid leaving personal objects in open view. 
• If a van has parked next to your car, enter your car from the other side. Vans are frequently used for abduction
These are just some safety awareness tips to keep in mind while out in public.
Lee says they preach awareness in their classes, but people who are serious about self defense classes have to give more than just a few weeks of their time. He encourages parents to have their children start young.
"The best thing you can do is to prepare your children, to teach your children how to protect themselves."
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