Rise in gun sales, Colorado shooting part of motivation

Friday's shooting in Colorado has sparked debates on gun control laws, and spiked some gun sales.

One new gun owner told Heartland News he's been thinking about buying a gun, and the incident Friday pushed him over the edge to make the purchase.

He said he wants the firearm to protect his family, but he made the purchase now because he said he's worried politicians will tighten gun laws following the movie theatre massacre.

Rowdy Enderle works at Shooter's Gun Store in Cape Girardeau said they see a spike in gun sales after shootings. He said he remembers the reaction after an elderly woman shot an intruder.

"The next day we had twenty elderly people coming in looking to purchase guns the very next day," said Enderle.

Gun stores in Cape Girardeau, Jackson, and Perryville said they've seen more people buying guns in recent days.

Enderle said they've broken every sales record so far this year, and he said he thinks it has to do with the election year, and the economy. He said a lot of times it's the politics that drive the gun sales.

"I know after 9/11 we did see quite a bit of increase and then in the last election of '08 we seen a large increase during election time," said Enderle.

Enderle said he's surprised by the number of people that don't know they have the right to own a gun in Missouri.

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